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About Wingtip

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Wingtip Aviation is a full-service aviation management company and Part 135 operator of long-range business jets. We offer custom, innovative solutions for managing aircraft and flight departments. Our core focus is serving our clients, building relationships with aircraft owners, manufacturers, vendors, charter customers, and other operators. Wingtip’s culture is one of safety and integrity and we strive for professionalism in all we do.

Safety – Security – Privacy

Wingtip’s cornerstone of excellence is our dedication to safety, compliance with all FAA and DOT standards as well as all ICAO international standards and procedures. All OEM bulletins for scheduled maintenance or newly released maintenance functions are also at the top of every aircraft manager’s priority. Our aircraft technicians and managers are continuously trained on all aspects of operation and repair according to OEM specifications. Our SMS (Safety Management System) and overall corporate safety programs are continuously audited by the international gold standard set by IS-BAO and currently (as of Nov 2020) at Stage 2 level of proficiency.

Excellence in Expertise

Wingtip’s flight crew are carefully selected and based on previous flying experience, professionalism, demeanor, and ability to handle the aircraft when the weather is not cooperating. Our dedicated service team members have been working in flight departments for decades and have extensive experience domestically and internationally. We are proud to employ our aircraft crew, teams and office personnel with US Military veterans and Fortune 100 flight departments, who are well-versed in every aspect of operating our fleet.

Complete Coverage

From entry into service to an international trip destination and everything in between, Wingtip Aviation has every facet of the aircraft operation under control.

Affiliations & Business Partners

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